Yant Releases Contravention EP on SK_eleven

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Minimal Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Yant has released his second EP on the SK_eleven imprint, the stunning Contravention EP.

The release features four stunning minimal techno tracks in Yant’s distinctive and enticing style. Opening with the EP’s title track, “Contravention” delivers a dissonant and eerie atmosphere, setting the release off with a bang highlighted by a driving groove.

“Electronic Space Storm” takes things a bit more hypnotic, with a glitchy, granular synth that rears its head on and off throughout, as syncopated claps, ambient pads, and a punchy kick drum move the rhythm along in stellar fashion. That sets up “Solidarity Is on the Line” nicely, as the third track’s beat takes a nearly trance-inspired approach. A cleverly automated synth stab takes center stage, beckoning the dancers to move along to the fast-paced tempo and its enticing percussive elements.

Taking the tempo down for the EP closer, Yant brings acid elements into the fold on “Kaleidoscopic Vision,” providing a psychedelic and entrancing track that lives up to its name and wraps the EP up with a wonderful showcase of the producer’s breadth of style. An instant standout release on SK_eleven, Yant’s Contravention EP is an innovative and alluring work that proves Yant’s prowess as one of techno’s envelope-pushers.

Yant’s Contravention EP is sold out in vinyl record format but can be purchased in digital format via SK_eleven Bandcamp.

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