Conforce Releases Wavetable EP via Sungate

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Spanish record label Sungate has given a home to the latest release by Dutch producer Conforce. The Wavetable EP comprises four upbeat dub techno tracks. Deriving its title from the instruments on which it was made, the EP released in vinyl format March 19th.

The songs on the Wavetable EP clock in at higher tempos than much of the dub techno landscape. “Kawai” and “Wave Trip” each pair sublime reverb delay with the hi-hat placement of more danceable fare, whereas ambient atmospheres are allowed more breathing room in “Blofeld” and “Ricochet.” According to Sungate’s description, the effort was mostly produced using wavetable synthesizers.

A Decade of Conforce

Rotterdam musician Boris Bunnik introduced the Conforce project with a 2010 album titled Machine Conspiracy via Meanwhile. Consisting of electro, dub techno as well as minimal and deep house, it offered a glimpse of the eclecticism that would go on to define his sound.

Over a decade later, Bunnik’s résumé includes releases on imprints like EchochordField Records, Clone, and, most frequently, Delsin. He also releases electro as Versalife and experimental as Hexagon as well as running his own record label, Transcendent, since 2014.

The Wavetable EP is sold out in 12-inch vinyl record format.

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