Denise Rabe Delivers Dark Techno Record, The Lion And The Mouse

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Dark Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Berlin talent Denise Rabe has offered up a fitting addition to her growing discography. The Lion And The Mouse comprises two dark techno singles from her as well as a remix of each by Headless Horseman and Luis Flores. It released in digital and vinyl formats March 5th.

On “Pretending,” Rabe compliments rolling kick drums with a subtle rattling texture as tension builds towards an industrial-tinged melody. Headless Horseman switches up the beat structure and adds ominous atmospheres in his remix while still paying homage to the source material. Rabe offers a slower yet equally dark iteration of her sound in “Unresolved Tension,” which Flores reimagines as a hard techno stomper.

Rabe Revisited

Having learned to disc jockey at the age of 16 in the German town of Bielefeld, Denise Rabe first explored drum and bass before moving on to house. By her debut release, however, she was fully invested in techno. 2015 saw her appear on a compilation by Mutewax before releasing her first 12-inch record via ARTS.

2017 marked the launch of her artist imprint, Rabe, on which The Lion And The Mouse is the fifth release. She has also worked as a booker for Berlin club [ipsə] as well as launching her own event brand, HIDE AND SEEK, at Humboldthain.

The Lion And The Mouse is available for purchase in digital and 12-inch vinyl formats on Rabe Bandcamp.

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