Bright Light Interstellar’s Synthspace VR Synthesizer Now Available On Steam

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Bright light Interstellar’s Synthspace virtual reality synthesizer is now available on software and gaming distribution service Steam.

Originally debuted in 2020, Synthspace is part of a growing number of virtual-reality based DAWs on the way to market. It emulates an analogue synthesizer’s physicality in a virtual reality environment. Synthspace creator Markus Hofer predicts that “the way we make music will change substantially over the next few years… Virtual worlds will make it easier than ever to learn, to experiment and to collaborate.”

The Synthspace environment allows cables and modules to connect endlessly in VR, escaping the need and limit of buying costly physical products. In addition, the Audio Layer feature enables the user to code and build fully working modules from scratch. Starting with an audio node-graph, users can build and customize everything in virtual reality, down to knob colors and faceplates.

Hofer states on the Synthspace Patreon page: “By switching out the layout, faceplate and skin you can get a completely different looking module that potentially exposes a different subset of the same node-graph’s functionality.” The source code for the Audio Layer feature is available on GitHub.

When an ideal setup or song is finally ready, Synthspace then generates a unique, sharable save-code other users can access to collaborate. Tutorials are also available on creating sounds and building instruments within the app’s environment as well as using their 40+ built-in devices.

Synthspace requires a Virtual Reality headset such as Facebook’s recently released Oculus Quest 2 device. The software is currently in Early Access stage on Steam, with the technology being developed in collaboration with the platform’s user base. A full release is expected in late 2021.

Stranger Synths

Synthspace creator Markus Hofer is an XR programmer (augmented, virtual and mixed reality), a UX expert, and a musician from New Zealand.  His software company, Bright Light Interstellar, formed in 2019.

Steam is a digital video game distribution service launched by Valve. It’s a standalone software client for the game developer to provide automatic updates for their games as well as those of third-party publishers.

Find out more information and buy Synthspace on Steam.


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