Youandewan Delivers Minimal House Record, Thyme Capsules EP, via Butter Side Up

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Youandewan has returned to U.K. label Butter Side Up with a compelling minimal house record. The Thyme Capsules EP is all the more impressive considering that all four tracks were purportedly “made purely on ’90s grooveboxes and recorded live to cassette.” No release date has been announced at the time of writing.

A common thread tying together each song on the EP is elastic, resonant synth plucks that stand out as the centerpiece of each arrangement. This element is perhaps less present in the melodious title track and “Beyond My Ken,” but the flip side sees it in full force. “Scissor Juice” and “Slow Down” featuring Art Feynman fully utilize it to take the listener on an aural journey through rhythm, timber and tone.

Youandewan (real name Ewan Smith) was born in Scotland, raised in Yorkshire, and has lived in Berlin since 2018. His discography extends back to 2009, however, with his music landing on imprints such as Moma RecordingsAus Music and Eclipser Chaser.

Smith was previously enlisted to remix “Green” off of Christian Jay‘s Running EP, the first-ever Butter Side Up release. The label is run by Hugh Bailey and Hamish Cole, the latter of whom also does booking for Dimensions Festival in Croatia.

Preorder the Thyme Capsules EP in vinyl record format via Subwax.

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