BR1002 to Release Techno Album, We Are Nothing, via KR/LF

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Italian duo BR1002 have announced an album that encapsulates a sonically diverse range of the techno spectrum. The eight-song We Are Nothing will arrive by way of the Kill Ref-run record label KR/LF on March 8th.

The label has shared three tracks from the effort ahead of its official release. “Cycles” takes calculated risks by suffusing a syncopated beat structure with harsh noise and distortion. “Go” offers up much of the same, but tempered with a tastefully repetitive 303 tone. The title track is not yet available, but stoking anticipation for it is a visceral remix by Swarm Intelligence.

Bruno Di Berardino and Bruno Ruggieri have released music together as BR1002 since 2015. After debuting on Monolith Rec with the four-track EP Percezione Distorta, they went on to put out music through labels such as ScuderiaInstruments of Discipline and Overstep.

The limited edition double 12-inch and seven-inch vinyl release of We Are Nothing is sold out at the time of writing. Purchase the three aforementioned tracks and pre-order the full album in digital format via KR/LF Bandcamp.

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