Specific Objects Inaugurates Twice Infinity Label with EP of the Same Name

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Hard Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Austrian artist Specific Objects has launched a record label called Twice Infinity. With a debut EP of the same name, the DJ and producer has delivered four hard techno tracks that offer a glimpse of what’s to come. It released in digital and vinyl formats February 26th.

For “Endstate” and “Niver,” Specific Objects (real name Mathias Baumgart) served up peak-hour dance floor weapons that offering little in the way of subtlety. “Visceral” is more of the same except buoyed with a soulful spoken-word vocal sample and nostalgic synth work. “Lockdown Groove” ends the EP on a more melodic note while maintaining the drive of the tracks preceding it.

Baumgart’s debut release as Specific Objects came in 2016 with a two-tracker titled Demos Oneiroi that released via Betanol Records. Since then, his music has found a home on MEAT RecordingsTemple. and NORD LTD.

With the Twice Infinity EP, Baumgart derived inspiration from early 2000s techno to set the tone for future releases. He intends to offer “a means of personal expression under full control and ownership, as well as an outlet for underrated styles of techno that don’t follow current trends blindly,” according to a description.

The Twice Infinity EP is available in digital and 12-inch record format via Twice Infinity Bandcamp.

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