Italian Veteran DJ Claudio Coccoluto Dies at Age 58

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Italian DJ and producer Claudio Coccoluto passed away at age 58 on Tuesday. He was considered by many one of the most influential DJs in Europe with a career spanning over 40 years.

Coccoluto died after “battling a serious illness” at 4:30 AM local time in his hometown of Cassino, according to la Repubblica. His death comes just a day after the municipality had announced the commission of a mural in his honor.

Remembering Claudio Coccoluto

Claudio Coccoluto originally hailed from Gaeta, where he began DJing at the age of 13 in his father’s electronics store. He worked as a radio DJ in the late ’70s for Radio Andromeda, later gracing booths at clubs like Seven Up in Gianola and Hysteria in Rome.

1990 marked Coccoluto’s foray into production – and although he told Red Bull Music Academy that “my job is to be DJ, and produce is my hobby,” he released dozens of tracks in the decades since. RA notes that his most successful single was “Belo Horizonti,” which arrived in 1997.

Coccoluto is survived by his wife, Paola, as well as their two children Gianmaria and Gaia.

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