Forest On Stasys Releases Deep Techno Record, Mantrum, on Harmony Rec.

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For his debut on Prague label Harmony Rec., Buenos Aires talent Forest On Stasys has offered up a sublime deep techno record. Mantrum consists of two songs by the producer as well as remixes by Shoal and Alfred Czital. It released in digital and vinyl format February 19th.

“Déjà Vu” introduces the effort with a smooth bass line and otherworldly noise effects, building slowly towards a gentle peak with lush atmospheres and an eery spoken-word sample. “Ofrenda” follows with more tribal fare and melodies better suited for the dance floor. Shoal reimagines the former track as an upbeat acid techno groover in his remix, and Alfred Czital infuses his brand of etherial melody into the latter.

Enter Forest On Stasys

Forest On Stasys is a relative newcomer to the deep and hypnotic techno landscape. He debuted in February 2019 with A Vision Of Light, a four-track EP that marked the first release of Danza Nativa – a label he co-founded alongside fellow artists Alderaan and Kyntral.

In two short years, music by Forest On Stasys has found a home on labels like Accents Records, Subosc and Lowless Music. Danza Nativa has also grown to include releases outside of its three founders, championing EPs by Seph and Olorun in recent months.

Mantrum is available for purchase in digital or 12-inch vinyl format via Harmony Rec. Bandcamp.

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