Ravn Jonassen to Release Electro EP, Fatima, The Struggle is Real! via Burial Soil

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Electro, Sounds | 0 comments

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Berlin artist Ravn Jonassen‘s latest endeavor was inspired by U.K. politicians’ suggestion that workers in the arts must “retrain and find new jobs” last fall amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Fatima, The Struggle Is Real! comprises three sonically crisp electro tracks along with remixes by Radioactive Man and DJ Frankie. It releases via the producer’s own Burial Soil record label March 5th.

“Fatima” opens the EP with spacey, nostalgic synth work, and Radioactive Man reimagined the single as a bright IDM groover in his remix. “The Struggle Is Real!” offers a grittier manifestation of Jonassen’s sound, with a rerub by DJ Frankie that adds more layers but maintains the same overall motif. The effort closes out with “There Will Be Light,” aptly titled as it exhibits more uplifting melody than any of the preceding tracks.

“It was an advertisement by the U.K. government, suggesting that a ballet dancer called Fatima, should retrain in cyber security, that caught Ravn’s attention and initialized his thoughts about the situation artists find themselves in during and after the on-going pandemic,” reads the EP description. “That’s why he dedicated the title of his EP to this fictional character, which stands for all artists that are left without much perspective, or help, or even any appreciation of their government and the general public: Fatima, The Struggle Is Real!

Fatima, The Struggle Is Real is available for purchase in digital and limited edition vinyl formats via Burial Soil Bandcamp.

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