Divide and Oisel Collaborate on Ciclo EP via Affekt Recordings

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Italian producers Divide and Oisel have collaborated on a three-track minimal/dub techno record. The Ciclo EP, as it’s titled, released in digital format via Italian label Affekt Recordings on February 19th.

“Ciclo 2” starts off the effort with imaginative white noise and glitch sounds that hint at Oisel’s previous releases. “Ciclo 4,” on the other hand, fuses Divide’s often fast-paced style with the dissonant reverb delay of dub techno. The bonus track, “Ciclo 3,” also succeeds in expanding upon the dub techno formula with tension-building risers and sound effects.

On Divide and Oisel

Both Oisel and Divide have come up relatively recently in the world of underground electronic music. The former artist co-founded Evod Music in 2015, specializing in a tonal, almost ambient-infused style with his own releases. After a handful of 2018 releases, the latter artist delivered his debut studio-length album, the Planetarium EP, significantly increasing his output ever since.

The Ciclo EP is not Divide and Oisel’s first foray into dub techno. At the end of January, they collaborated on a similar single titled “Eco” that released via Evod Music.

The Ciclo EP is available for purchase in digital format via Affekt Recordings Bandcamp.

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