DJ Clent Releases Footwork EP, Living Legend Pt.2

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Footwork, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

DJ Clent, one of the foremost artists associated with Chicago’s footwork genre, has released a new EP. Living Legend Pt.2, as it’s titled, comprises seven singles that serve as a cross section of the veteran DJ and producer’s stripped-down style.

The effort opens with “Can You Dig It,” an 8-bit-infused dance floor weapon whose titular sample comes from the 1979 film The Warriors. Tracks like “Crossover,” “Dance” and “Move it Bang Like” pair nostalgic synth work with clips from a range of hip-hop tracks, and “That Funk” closes the EP out on a gritty yet intelligent note.

DJ Clent (real name Clenton Hill) is widely credited as one of the originators of the footwork genre, which is said to have evolved from ghetto house parallel to juke. Other early pioneers of the style are RP Boo and DJ Rashad, the latter of whom passed away of a drug overdose in 2014.

Alongside RP Boo and fellow Chicago DJ and producer Traxman, Hill will lead a music camp on footwork in April. Chicago Footworkology, as it’s called, will consist of three Zoom masterclasses as well as a “beat battle” competition.

Purchase Living Legend Pt.2 in digital format via DJ Clent Bandcamp.

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