Jeff Mills Publishes Inaugural Issue of The Escape Velocity Magazine

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Culture, Stories | 0 comments

In early February, Jeff Mills shared plans to launch a media outlet called The Escape Velocity Magazine. The Detroit techno figurehead has now published the debut issue of the free quarterly publication by way of his label, Axis Records.

Although digital, The Escape Velocity Magazine uses online publishing platform Ziney to emulate the layout of a physical booklet. The cover art was designed by AbuQadim Haqq, who has assisted with the visual branding for labels like TransmatTresor Records and Planet E.

The first issue sets forth Mills’ mission to highlight boundary-pushing electronic musicians and “act as a liaison between their ideas and an audience ready to analyze them.” In addition to writings on individual Axis releases, the magazine includes interviews with DVS1Terrence Dixon and Jonas Kopp, among other features.

“The creation of The Escape Velocity artists program and magazine are our contributions to these topics,” reads a statement by Jeff Mills, who serves as editor in chief. “We’re ready to examine and explore all that revolves around the mechanics of creativity. Subjects that at first glance, may not appear to be influential to what you hear, but are in fact, primary reasons that had help fuel many creative efforts by many electronic musicians and artists for decades.”

Read the first issue of The Escape Velocity Magazine here.

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