Terrence Dixon to Release New Album, Reporting From Detroit, on Rush Hour Music

by | Feb 11, 2021 | Detroit Techno, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

Prolific Detroit techno artist Terrence Dixon is set to release an eight-track LP on Rush Hour Music in May.

With Reporting From Detroit, Dixon will follow up his 2020 full-length releases, From the Far Future, Pt. 3 (released via Tresor Records), his digital space-themed EP, Galactic Halo, and his Population One release, HCS994X (via Frustrated Funk). His last release on Rush Hour came in 2014, when he put forth Theater Of A Confused Mind under the Population One Alias.

Rush Hour describes Reporting From Detroit as “another prime example of the distinctly unique sound language Dixon has developed over the last three decades – defiant, forward-thinking Afrofuturist techno that could only have been made in the Motor City.”

“On 7 Mile All Night,” the leadoff single from Terrence Dixon’s forthcoming LP has been released already, and is available for listening and purchase via Rush Hour Music BandcampReporting From Detroit will be released in full on May 3rd.

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