Tapefeed, SHXCXCHCXSH Appear on Mord’s Herdersmat part 30-33 Compilation

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Mord, the record label of Dutch techno mainstay Bas Mooy, has delivered the latest edition of a six-year-running a compilation series. Herdersmat part 30-33 comprises 18 dark techno tracks from up-and-comers and established names alike. It released in digital and vinyl format January 20th.

Perhaps the most recognizable name on the tracklist is SHXCXCHCXSH; the Norrköping, Sweden duo kick off the effort with the well-executed “EAUOAI.” Italian duo Tapefeed deliver “Unshackle,” the arguable standout of the compilation for its corrosive textures and intentional composition. Also included on Herdersmat part 30-33 are tracks by KaiserGo HiyamaAntony Doria and Operator, among others.

More on Mord

Bas Mooy launched Mord in 2013, inaugurating the label with Radial‘s Linea Recta EP. Over the years the label has given a home to such artists as W.I.R.E.SleeparchiveOscar Mulero and Neil Landstrumm.

Herdersmat part 1-7 came out on Mord in 2015, and its 28-song tracklist included music by RebekahLag and Ontal, among others. The numbering and frequency of the series is apparently irregular; part 8 came out in 2016, part 9-15 in 2017, part 16-18 and part 19-22 in 2018, and part 23-29 in 2019.

Herdersmat part 30-33 is available for purchase in digital and vinyl format on Mord Bandcamp.

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