Prolink Tools Shows Track IDs in Any Live Stream

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Software, Tech | 0 comments

Evan Purkhiser‘s Prolink Tools app looks to make things even easier for the modern-day trainspotter.

In a live stream chatroom audiences often request identification on tracks. Most of the time these queries go missing in the chat (like emote-only moments on Twitch) or the performer simply doesn’t see it at all. Prolink Tools’ prime feature handles this issue by creating a “Live Now Playing” overlay for streaming sites.

By using Pioneer DJ’s ProDJ Link network via ethernet, the app reads Rekordbox metadata from each Pioneer device. When a Pioneer device has an active channel playing audio, a simple-font tag appears on the stream displaying the track artist, title and label. Metadata found in Rekordbox (like track comments and catalogue numbers) can also be included on the overlay. Once everything looks correct, the overlay URL from the interface can be placed into apps like OBS or StreamLabs.

Prolink Tools’ desktop interface also displays BPMs, pitch adjustments, connected devices and more, all at a glance.

Real-Time Knowledge

Prolink Tools is free to download and currently in beta development. Later updates with new overlay themes, a cue counter, history export, and even track auto-tweeting are coming soon. A growing Discord channel is also available, with developer Evan Purkhiser providing the latest info and updates.

Download the app and find more information on the Prolink Tools website.



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