Cwejman Music’s Wlodzimierz “Wowa” Cwejman Dead at 72

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Cwejman Music‘s Wlodzimierz “Wowa” Cwejman has passed away at age 72.

At the time of writing, Cwejman’s cause of death has not been disclosed. On Facebook, Maho Cwejman shared a short statement informing family, friends, to break the news. In her note, she gives thanks for the support she’s received and states that she will provide an update on the future of Cwejman Music but asks for patience in the meantime.

Remembering Wlodzimierz Cwejman

Born in 1949, Cwejman dedicated his life to creating a line of highly-acclaimed synthesizers. As shared on the Cwejman website, in the 1970s he and his team created a custom analogue synth for a client and shifted over to industrial electronics when the market moved towards digital synthesizers. Then, in 1998, hearing from musicians who preferred analogue sound inspired Cwejman and his team to innovate in synthesizers once again. They continued to do so in the years that followed.

Below is an interview with the late synthesizer designer that shines a light on his legacy. In 2017, Cwejman spoke to students at Massey University in New Zealand. In the hourlong chat, he touches on his career and what went into his design process.

No memorial details for Wlodzimierz Cwejman have been shared with the public at the time of writing.

Image Credit: Takamasa Aoki

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