Hioll Debuts on Moments In Time with Subdued Nation EP

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Cuban techno figurehead Hioll has landed on Manchester DJ and producer Rudosa‘s record label, Moments In Time. The Subdued Nation EP, which arrived January 29th, comprises four cinematic hard techno tracks marking something of a departure for the former artist.

As with previous Hioll releases, the tracklist of the effort signals an intention to carry on techno’s legacy as protest music. “El Renegade” and “The Masses Seeking For Truth” also utilize spoken-word samples to evoke imagery of urgent uprising. Consistent throughout the Subdued Nation EP is a emphasis on synth arpeggios that liken it more to neo rave a la Rave Alert than much else the producer has put out.


Hioll and Abstraction

Outside playing and releasing music, Hioll has tasked himself with building the electronic music community of Havana and Cuba as a whole. In 2017 he launched a record label called Abstraction which he purports to be the country’s first techno record label.

Abstraction has thus far provided a platform for up-and-coming Cuban producers like X-Alex, Gøwther, Inglawt, Bas Mooy and Tenudo. In the same amount of time, Hioll himself has released music via Flash RecordingsMind Games Recordings and Suara, among others.

The Subdued Nation EP is available in digital format via Moments In Time Bandcamp.

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