Octo Octa Fuses House, Techno and Breakbeat in She’s Calling EP

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For her first release of 2020, Octo Octa has encapsulated her eclectic range of sound in the She’s Calling EP. Comprising three tracks that seamlessly blend influences like house, techno and breakbeat, it’s due out February 5th via her and Eris Drew‘s record label, T4T LUV NRG.

The lead single of the She’s Calling EP is the shapeshifting “Find Your Way Home,” which transitions from breakbeat to deep house to minimal without losing the listener along the way. “Goddess Calling” offers a more fixed breakbeat motif that still undergoes inventive changes of its own. The effort closes out with “Spell for Nature,” whose tranquil melody and hypnotic spoken-word sample contrast somewhat with the lively elements in the songs preceding it.

Octo Octa Revisited

Maya Bouldry-Morrison has released music under the Octo Octa alias since 2011, beginning with the EP Let Me See You via 100% Silk. She has released numerous works on the same label since then, in addition to adding outfits like Honey SoundsystemTechnicolour and Shewey Trax to her résumé.

In 2019 Bouldry-Morrison and Eris Drew inaugurated T4T LUV NRG with the latter artist’s cassette mixtape, Raving Disco Breaks Vol. 1. Bouldry-Morrison followed up the release with Resonant Body in 2019 and Love Hypnosis Vol. 1 in 2020.

At the time of writing, the She’s Calling EP is sold out on Octo Octa Bandcamp.

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