Vibin Oy’s Songen Uses AI to Create Royalty-Free Songs

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Software, Tech | 0 comments

Swedish developer Vibin Oy has released Songen for iOS, an app that uses AI to generate arrangements.

Songen is a stochastic machine learning app generating royalty-free arrangements to use by musicians and creators. Songen’s team states the app “tirelessly generates song choruses, effectively making the user a curator rather than an ideator.”

Songen’s process is simple: The user first selects a genre and the app creates unique 10 song ideas to choose from. Then, changing parameters like tempo and key become available for each song. A mixer is also provided for muting, soloing and swapping instruments on four tracks.

Once a track is complete, a tap of a button exports a MIDI file for use in other DAWs or as an audio file. Arrangement length upon export can range  from eight bars to a “DJ-friendly,” fully arranged song. The free version of Songen offers three song exports; an $8.99 per month subscription provides unlimited exports and an “advanced mode.” Vibin Oy will continuously update Songen, staying up to date with any up and coming music trends.

The Songen team aptly stated, “Everyone working in the creative field knows how it feels when running out of ideas… We want to offer a tool that is relevant now and in the future, too.”

More info about Songen and Vibin Oy here.

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