Berlin’s Love Parade to Return as Rave The Planet in 2022

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Coming next year to the streets of Berlin is a reimagining of the historic Berlin Love Parade. Dubbed Rave The Planet, the traveling event will arrive more than a decade after the tragic end of the original parade.

Rave The Planet was originally scheduled for this year, but the ongoing pandemic forced organizers to push back the date until the virus is better controlled and it’s safe to host large gatherings again. Involved in the new parade is the creator of the original, Dr. Motte, among a number of veterans in the electronic music world. Due to the event taking place more than a year from now, specific details like the exact location and lineup are not known at this time.

Since announcing the new parade, organizers have hosted a number of virtual events to keep fans entertained until the big day. On their YouTube channel, they’ve hosted a series of original mixes, live-streamed events, and interviews with artists and important figures in the community.

New Beginnings

The final Love Parade in 2010 ended in tragedy as 21 attendees lost their lives after being crushed in an overcrowded tunnel entrance stampede. The parade was permanently canceled and criminal investigations took place.

On the official website dedicated to Rave The Planet, organizers shared a statement describing what they want to achieve with the new event. They stated that it is being held in an effort to protect electronic music and see it gain recognition with The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

“Our aim is to preserve, maintain, protect and develop the art and culture of electronic music in all its forms,” reads the statement. “That’s why we are creating a new platform to raise public and political awareness, as well as to provide updated information on the reality of our culture.”

“Because we believe that electronic music is a special cultural asset in urgent need of preservation, our goal is to make it generally comprehensible for everyone while at the same time fostering understanding among nations and peoples,” it goes on. “This is why we are standing up to appeal that electronic music culture be included on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.”

The next chapter in Berlin’s storied music parade, Rave The Planet, will take place on July 9th, 2022. Organizers are currently accepting artist and float submissions for next year’s outing. You can learn more about the upcoming event on their website.

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