DJ Gomi, Mike Ivy Release "Just Look" ft. Sandy B on Nervous Records - Selector

DJ Gomi, Mike Ivy Release “Just Look” ft. Sandy B on Nervous Records


A powerhouse trio of NYC’s finest dance purveyors has teamed up for Nervous Records‘ latest release, “Just Look.” DJ Gomi, Mike Ivy, and Sandy B are all veterans of dance music each with nearly three decades in the game. “Just Look” pays homage to the early ’90s dance records that they fell in love with yet is firmly rooted in a modern sound.

There’s a magic in a great groove that sticks to your bones and the trio has touched upon that enchanting kind of moment. Sandy’s soulful swagger accents all the right notes above pulsating, airy synth stabs. In a time when most of us can’t dance inside a dark, sweaty warehouse, “Just Look” takes us back there – at least in spirit. Gomi, Ivy, and Sandy B have captured the blissful ethos of early rave and transported it into a post-rave world.

Each of the three NYC-based artists has a proven track record in dance music. DJ Gomi, a consistent fixture in dance music for nearly three decades, boasts remixes for the likes of Madonna, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion. NYC native Mike Ivy has in the last decade appeared on stalwart labels like Toolroom and Skint, and Sandy B first reached number one on Billboard’s dance charts with “Make the World Go Round” and “Ain’t No Need to Hide” in 1996, and 1997, respectively. Since then, she has become a regular of the Nervous Records family.

“Just Right” is available to stream and download across platforms here.

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