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New Documentary Details The KLF’s Goal to Build a Pyramid of Human Remains


On January 1st, The KLF began appearing on streaming platforms – nearly 29 years after the duo called it quits and deleting their back catalogue. They have now released a documentary titled Welcome to the Dark Ages detailing their latest project: a pyramid made out of bricks of cremated human remains.

According to the satire-laden film description, former KLF members Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty have set 2023 as their deadline to find a location for the 23-foot “People’s Pyramid,” as they’ve dubbed it. They claim that it will comprise just shy of 35,000 bricks, each of which contain 23 grams of human ashes. Welcome to The Dark Ages purportedly captures some of the process.

The KLF Revisited

The KLF formed in London in 1987, initially under the name The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu. After breaking through with pop-sampling singles like “All You Need Is Love” and “Whitney Joins The Jams,” they grew to be one of the highest-charting electronic music acts of the acid house era after a shift in creative direction with singles like “What Time Is Love” and “3 a.m. Eternal” paving the way.

Absurdist, multidisciplinary performance art was also core to The KLF’s repertoire. Shortly before disbanding in 1992, Drummond and Cauty fired blanks from an automatic rifle alongside British metal band Extreme Noise Terror at that year’s BRIT Awards. When they briefly reunited as 2K in 1997, Drummond and Cauty also burned £1 million on a small Scottish island.

2017 saw Drummond and Cauty return as The Justified Agents of Mumu and release a novel titled 2023: A Trilogy. It was then that they first shared plans for the People’s Pyramid.

Welcome to the Dark Ages is available for purchase via Burning Bridges. More information on how to sign up to have your cremated remains pressed into a brick of the People’s Pyramid can be found on

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