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Joseph Capriati Seriously Injured After Alleged Stabbing


Italian techno DJ and producer Joseph Capriati is in serious condition after allegedly being stabbed by his father, Pietro Capriati, on Friday evening. The former is being treated at Sant’Anna and San Sebastiano hospital in Caserta, and the latter is in police custody.

According to Il Riformista, an alleged disagreement between Joseph and Pietro in the family home escalated to the point that Pietro stabbed Joseph in the upper left part of his chest with a kitchen knife, puncturing his lung. Forensics experts were able locate the blade, and they have stated that the argument seems to have stemmed from a property-related matter.

Pietro Capriati, 61, has no prior criminal record according to officials. He was arrested for attempted murder and will be transferred to the prison of Santa Maria Capua Vetere.

As with many artists whose touring schedules have been sidelined due to COVID-19, Joseph Capriati has been scarcely able to perform since March of 2020. In the interim, he had returned to Caserta to stay with his family.

This is a developing story.

UPDATE 4:30 AM PST: A source close to Joseph Capriati has informed Selector that his injury does not appear to be life threatening.

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