RWN Releases Minimal House EP, Plumo, via Moulinet

by | Jan 7, 2021 | House, Minimal House, Sounds | 0 comments

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The Moulinet imprint sees its fourth release with RWN‘s impressive new three-track EP, Plumo. The Parisian producer has made his debut on the label just after his previously unreleased “Gastmahl” was unleashed via MEOKO.

“Flug,” a cut off the A-side of the release premiered via Trommel, serves as the EP’s leadoff track. RWN laces the groove with impressively detailed synth work reminiscent of a fluttering flute, in addition to a groovy bass line sure to be a dance floor hit. Somber piano chords line the intro section, hinting at the deep and introspective melodies to come. Cleverly processed drums and delayed claps serve as the driving force of the rhythm. As the track progresses, all of the elements tie together wonderfully into more than just a song, but a story.

Also featured on Plumo are “Candles” on A2, and the title track on the flip side. The Moulinet label has seen previous releases from the likes of BarutIdana, and Heerd. RWN’s Plumo serves as a fine addition to the catalogue, progressing the label’s sound in the stellar direction in which it’s already headed.

RWN’s Plumo EP is available exclusively at

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