Vel Delivers Minimal Techno EP, Who By Fire via Unusual Records

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Minimal Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Morocco-born, France-based DJ and producer Vel has delivered her sophomore release. Following up her debut single, “Ethereal,” she has debuted on Unusual Records with Who By Fire. The four-track minimal techno EP released December 14th.

Vel (real name Jennifer Parienté) starts off the effort with “May It Rise Up Pure And Free,” a song that marries pulsing techno kick drums with luminous ambient atmospheres. Next is “Eh Lof Live Real,” which arguably offers more in the way of chord progression and textures with haunting vocal samples stuttering their way through the arrangement. Amour Noir offered up a remix of the former track, while In Aeternam Vale reimagined the latter.

Parienté isn’t the only up-and-coming artist to be championed by Unusual Records – which, like her, is based in Lyon. The label’s mission is to “promote and develop young artists within a passionate teamwork,” according to Resident Advisor. Over the past two years, Unusual Records has given a home to such artists as SLVSTRLectifGosha Shermadini and Placiid.

Who By Fire is available in digital and vinyl format via Bandcamp.

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