TELUM Label Returns with a 7th Anonymous Release

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Deep House, House, Minimal House, Sounds | 0 comments

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Lee Clement‘s TELUM imprint continues its tradition of releasing completely anonymous music – that is, records without track titles or artist identities included – with TELUM007

Also in line with that tradition is TELUM’s penchant for releasing top quality house music that’s garnered support from some of the genre’s foremost artists. 007 remains true to that notion with three groovy and inventive tracks.

Track A1 delivers a classic house sound with hip-hop vocal samples and funk-infused guitar riffs that play nicely against the swingy drum groove. B1 takes things a bit deeper. A less playful bass line centers the track, but it still delivers danceability. Eerie synth stabs round the song out in a more progressive manner than A1.

To round out TELUM007, B2 continues on the progressive tip, but moves in a more tech-oriented direction. It’s a wonderful counterpart to B1, and the perfect closer for a well-rounded release.

Order information for TELUM007 can be found via

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