Elk Audio’s 5G-Ready Aloha Lets Musicians “Play Together from Anywhere”

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Elk Audio has entered the beta testing stages for Aloha, a device it says “connect[s] people in real-time over the internet to play together like they were in the same room.”

Aloha will use Elk’s Audio OS operating system to provide an ultra low-latency experience – 1ms round-trip, to be exact. A small device provided connects users’ audio instruments to Aloha’s interface. Accompanying software and a phone app will allow video conferencing as well as seamless live streaming capabilities. In a time where isolation is necessary but creative work needs to continue, this is a truly welcome feature.

Aloha’s interface will also work on standard internet connections using an Ethernet cable. 5G wireless connectivity via Swedish mobile giant Ericsson will arrive in late 2021, and as the new technology advances.

True Real-Time

Stockholm’s Elk Audio develops solutions that bridge the gap between musicians and technology. Elk’s Audio OS environment was released in 2018 under the company’s former name, MIND Music Labs. Software developer Steinberg then integrated Elk’s engine future VST3 developments later that year. Elk showcased its Aloha 5G technology concept in 2019 at the Mobile World Congress Exhibition together with Ericsson and British company Vodafone.

Aloha will be commercially available starting mid-2021; registration for beta testing is open now. More information can be found here.


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