British MPs Warn Glastonbury May Not Take Place in 2021

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Event, Industry, Stories | 0 comments

Glastonbury and other major U.K. festival brands may not be allowed to proceed with 2021 events unless their insurance is underwritten due to COVID-19, warned MPs in a House Of Commons meeting.

“The UK is the leader in the world in terms of music and arts festivals. The sector is worth £12 billion and supports many thousands of highly-skilled jobs as well as the financial lifeblood of the nation’s musicians,” said Julian Knight, the Conservative chairman of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee. “However, there will be no festival season next year unless insurance is underwritten in case of COVID-19 disruption.”

“Festivals are such a vibrant and integral part of our creative community and our economy, and I am well aware that many will take decisions very soon about whether they can go ahead next year, so this is a very urgent situation,” replied Culture minister Caroline Dinenage.

With plans to get this insurance in place with a lead time of six months before any U.K. festivals take place, the House Of Commons is working to secure the necessary insurance that will allow festivals to proceed. Dinenage insists that a base of evidence demonstrating that insurance coverage is the only barrier for 2021 festivals must be built first, however.

Image Credit: Anna Barclay

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