Ignez Releases 4-Track Minimal Techno EP, SMV002

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Minimal Techno, Sounds | 0 comments

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Born in the Netherlands and based in Berlin, DJ and producer Ignez has honed in on an ambient-infused style of minimal techno. Following up the February debut release on his own Sonov Records, he delivered the four-track record SMV002 on November 4th.

Unlike SMV001, Ignez’ latest effort consists of introspective techno cuts with none of the ambient included in his debut work. “Spectre” ushers in the effort with big strings underscored by dissonant yet tranquil sonic elements. “Anomaly” raises the suspense with haunting chords before the the driving yet tranquil “Ecliptic.” Lastly, “Verdieping” closes out SMV002 with more melody than the songs preceding it.

“Ignez lets his voice be heard in these unprecedented times with four techno cuts on his second solo EP,” reads a description of the EP. “SMV002 presents a selection of mesmerizing yet rolling tracks conducting a classic sound. A glimpse back to a dance floor filled with liberation and ecstasy, at the same time a mere reflection of the gritty reality today.”

SMV002 is available in digital and 12-inch vinyl format via Bandcamp.

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