UK Vinyl Sales on Track to Reach Highest Point in 30 Years

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2020 mid-year reports by Discogs and the Recording Industry Alliance of America have indicated a resurgence of U.S. vinyl sales amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Data from the U.K. now suggests that record sales across the pond are on track to reach a 30-year high as well.

The Guardian projects that U.K. vinyl sales will surpass £100 million by the end of 2020 – nearly 10% more than 2019. The last year they reached that mark was 1990. This year’s vinyl sales by volume are also set to surpass last year’s figure of 4.3 million.

Cassette tape sales also increased a staggering 85% this year, on track to exceed £1 million. CD sales, however, have continued their long descent with a decrease of 30% year to date per the Entertainment Retailers Association.

Proper Music Managing Director Drew Hill suspects that COVID-19 crisis has played a significant role in the 2020 vinyl resurgence. “We have seen 250% growth from the bottom of lockdown to where we are now,” he said. “I thought it could be catastrophic for the industry but during lockdown the kind of people buying records also probably went to a lot of gigs. They can’t do that so it seems fans are spending the money they used to on going to gigs each month on records.”

E-commerce giant Amazon is benefiting most from the 2020 vinyl sales surge, but independent retailers have enjoyed an influx in business as well.

Image credit: Jack Hamilton

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