L’Appel Du 8 Mars Create Survey to Examine Issues Facing Women and Non-binary Artists

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A new survey by Paris event brand L’Appel Du 8 Mars aims to illuminate challenges faced by non-binary and female electronic music DJs and producers. They put the anonymous questionnaire together partly in response to Rebekah‘s #ForTheMusic campaign.

The form begins with questions about the person’s gender, age range and location before a section that gathers data about their music career. Later on it asks if the respondent has experienced harassment or discrimination, and whether they would report such incidents or prefer prefer to let them go in the interest of maintaining business relationships.

A limitation of the survey is that anyone can take it and enter information for each answer that doesn’t need to be verified. Be that as it may, the data may allow the surveyors to identify possible correlations between respondents’ demographics and the specific issues they face.

Resident Advisor notes that the annual L’Appel Du 8 Mars event centers around performances and presentations from women and non-binary artists. They’re no newcomers to data collection, either. In 2019, three years of their research culminated in a study that examined how gender ratios are changing among performers at Paris clubs like Concrete, Djoon and Rex Club as well as Berghain in Berlin and Fabric in London.

The survey will be open until December 15th and can be taken via this Google Form.

Image credit: Marion Pacheteau

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