dBridge, Roni Size, Binary State Remix Goldie’s “Inner City Life”

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Back in August, Goldie began sharing exclusive content as part of a “Timeless Capsule” commemorating the 25-year anniversary of his 1995 album, Timeless. The English DJ, producer and Metalheadz label boss has now released a remix pack for one of the effort’s most notable singles, “Inner City Life” featuring Diane Charlemagne.

Notable drum and bass royalty contributed re-rubs for Inner City Life (Timeless 25 Remaster)Roni Size‘s “Instant Mix” maintains the melodic ambience of the source material, whereas dBridge‘s “Sonic Nostalgia Mix” raises the tempo and incorporates eerie distortion. Binary State adapts the song into a progressive house groover, meanwhile, and [re:jazz] deliver a jazz cover of the definitive drum and bass track.

Goldie’s Golden Years

Longtime fans of Goldie (real name Clifford Joseph Price MBE) understand how momentous an occasion the 25-year anniversary of Timeless is for the multitalented artist. Building upon his already sturdy foundation as a breakdancer, graffiti artist, grill salesman and – from 1992 on – music producer, the album played no small role in establishing the mainstream crossover potential of drum and bass.

Timeless entered at #7 on the UK Albums Chart when it came out, and “Inner City Life” came in at #39 on the UK Singles Chart. “Goldie revolutionized jungle not once but thrice,” wrote Simon Reynolds in a 1994 issue of The Wire. “First there was ‘Terminator’ (pioneering the use of time stretching), then ‘Angel’ (fusing Diane Charlemagne‘s live vocal with David Byrne/Brian Eno samples to prove that hardcore could be more ‘conventionally’ musical), now there’s ‘Timeless’, a 22-minute hardcore symphony.”

Stream or purchase Inner City Life (Timeless 25 Remaster) across platforms here.

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