Team Behind Basic Club Open Naples Store, Organica Records

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The team responsible for Basic Club in Naples have launched a record store in the city’s historic center. Organica Records opened for business on November 9th on Via Vincenzo Bellini.

“We are extremely convinced that vinyl is the perfect body for any rhythm or melody, the means of transmission through which sound should be reproduced according to the sacred criteria of renowned high fidelity,” reads a statement shared by the founders on Facebook.

“From this moment we give the Vinyl a home, an intimate and enveloping space to grow, live and be heard and wanted by its many fans,” it goes on. “From today in the city there is a new place where we can continue to discover the infinite world of music.”

Among Organica Records’ introductory listings are records by Jeff MillsDJ SpinnaTominori Hosoya and Theo Parrish, suggesting a willingness on the owners’ part to give a wide range of DJ and remix culture representation.

As Italy’s Campania region (which includes Naples) was recently added to a high-risk “red zone” in response to a surge in COVID-19 cases, Organica must remain closed for an indefinite period. In the meantime, their collection is available on Discogs while they work to build on online store.

Visit the store’s official website at

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