AFEM Develops Code of Conduct to Prevent Sexual Harassment in Electronic Music

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Culture, Industry, Stories | 0 comments

The Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) has been hard at work developing a “Code of Conduct, Against Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination” over the past few months. AFEM’s Diversity & Inclusion Working Group seeks to outline professional standards for the electronic music industry as a whole with the document.

The code includes sections on identifying, preventing, and reporting sexual harassment, as well as intervention methods for those who bear witness to an incident. It also contains sections that aim to prevent gender discrimination within the workplace, and ways for employers to combat it.

“Through the launch of our code, we hope to enable the industry to identify and correct the mechanisms and attitudes within electronic music culture which enable and facilitate perpetrators of sexual harassment and abuse to go unchallenged and unreported,” reads an official AFEM statement.

“We want to bring about an electronic music culture where everyone involved feels safe, respected and free from sexual harassment and risk of assault,” said Greg Marshall,  general manager of AFEM, “to ensure safe environments for fans and professionals, and to advocate for a culture of support for victims of harassment and assault to ensure they are encouraged to come forward and feel they will be supported when they do.”

As of today, over 220 companies within the electronic music community have signed the document. Among them are BeatportDefected RecordsAmsterdam Dance EventNative InstrumentsPioneer DJ, and Shogun Audio.

The full Code of Conduct can be read on the Association for Electronic Music website.

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