’96 Vibe Drops “Skull Island” on Mad Ape Records Debut Release

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Afrofuturist, House | 0 comments

Bay Area producer ’96 Vibe is is a relative newcomer who has quickly found favor in the techno/house scene. Utilizing the power of quarantine-era Twitch demo drop streams, he’s picked up support from the likes of Space Yacht‘s LONDONBRIDGE, Lucati, and Black V Neck.

“Skull Island” showcases the young producer’s ability to tell a story in sound. ’96 was asked to write this one for the launch of the Mad Ape Records¬†imprint. With the name of the label in mind he set to work crafting something with a jungle theme.

With a thunderous kick as its centerpiece, “Skull Island” tells the story of the tribespeople of the mysterious island. As they beat on their bongos and chant in time, you can envision the steam rising as a monstrous ape looms in the distance. The tension builds as their drumming intensifies with chords building in anticipation of the arrival of the island’s gargantuan monarch.

Those living in and around San Francisco can catch ’96 Vibe live on November 17th for the Space Yacht Open Air. The outdoor gathering is at The Midway SF, San Francisco’s largest socially distanced event. Find “Skull Island” as a free download here.

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