Sentric Partners with Beatport to Offer Publishing Services to Electronic Music Artists

by | Oct 29, 2020 | Industry, Stories | 0 comments

Sentric Music Group have continued their expansion into electronic music by inking a deal with one of the industry’s leading download stores. Sentric Electronic will now collect royalties directly from Beatport and offer publishing services to artists and labels who sell music through the platform.

Sentric aims to offer publishing deals tailored for each rights holder’s specific needs while increasing the speed and frequency of payouts. The company claims to have teams dedicated to finding new income opportunities through creative and sync licensing for television, film, advertisement and other placements.

“Our aim is to ensure every electronic music artist, producer and label has the opportunity to enter a publishing deal that’s right for them and for those already published by us, to increase the speed and value of royalties paid,” said Sentric executive Mark Lawrence. “It’s not acceptable for creators to wait two or three years to be paid. By partnering with Beatport and collecting from the store directly, we are able to invoice for and pay our clients quarterly.”

Lawrence, who went on to say that the partnership would “close electronic music’s publishing deficit,” is the founder of music publisher Black Rock. Sentric acquired a stake in the company in 2018 and subsequently launched Sentric Electronic, the first step in the company’s foray into the electronic music market.

More information on the services offered by Sentric Music Group is available on their official website.

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