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Berlin Club John Muir Closes Due to Mounting COVID-19 Costs


A prominent feature of the Berlin nightlife landscape must discontinue business on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. After nine years,whiskey bar John Muir must vacate their Kreuzberg premises after being evicted by the landlord, K2 Immobilien.

John Muir founder and proprietor Kate Coffee had battled to keep the establishment, which was sometimes called “Berlin’s Cheers of techno.” Unable to take customers from spring to early summer, she fell behind on payments and asked the landlord for an extension. Instead, she received an eviction notice on August 19th.

“Nine years of work just taken away,” Coffee told The Local. “All the money and time, all the memories are gone.”

Telekom Electronic Beats notes that John Muir’s downfall is by no means an isolated case. Berlin mainstay KitKatClub was among the more storied establishments to meet a similar fate, with Dream Baby Dream and Suicide Club at risk of closure as well. The COVID-19 crisis has compounded the city’s Clubsterben (“death of clubs” in English) which has seen creative spaces give way to property developments at an increasing rate.

A fundraiser was launched in August to help Kate Coffee meet her personal and business expenses. Donations can still be made via GoFundMe.

Image credit: John Muir

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