After 10 Years of Serving Atlanta’s Nightlife, The Sound Table Is Closing

The Sound Table in Atlanta is Closing After a 10-Year Run


Atlanta nightclub The Sound Table is closing after a decade of operations. The intimate space embraced house and techno, welcoming DJs like Moodymann, GE-OLOGY, Morgan Geist, and Theo Parrish behind the decks over the years.

The immediate assumption would be that the COVID-19 pandemic struck the venue down, but its owners took to Facebook to explain otherwise. “While it would be logical to link this to the challenges presented by these wild times we’re living through, the story is actually much more interesting… and positive. For the past few years, we’ve been considering making some big changes as we reached our 10th anniversary (which fell on the 30th of April this year),” they said.

Rather than an outright demise, The Sound Table is changing hands. Owners stated that the new buyers are “ready to take on the challenge of carrying forward the legacy of 483 Edgewood Ave [The Sound Table’s location], under a new identity but with a faithful reverence to the ethos of ST.”

Preserving the identity of a venue as it changes ownership is tricky, particularly when the space is community-grown. Regular patrons lamenting the demise of The Sound Table, however, can find solace that “as far as the Sound Table as a brand and an idea is concerned, we will continue to create and curate under the Sound Table banner, untethered to any specific physical location, continuing to explore and expand upon the things we love.”

Read the full statement on The Sound Table’s closure below.

Image credit: The Sound Table

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