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Wax Wings and NIMMO Release “Reclaim Me” on He.She.They. Imprint


Selector’s Afrofuturist series highlights the work of emerging BIPOC talent in electronic music.

British-Brazillian artist Wax Wings has enlisted the magnetic London queer scene duo NIMMO for their debut on the He.She.They. imprint. An extension of the brand’s event series, He.She.They. continue their label series on the heels of their first-ever release last October. With a focus on the founding ethos of the dance music movement – inclusivity, positivity, and breaking down barriers – He.She.They. aim to return the community to its ideological roots.

As the opening synth stabs reverberate, NIMMO’s captivating vocals immediately grab ahold of the listener. A subtle bed of pads supports an emotionally reverent vocal, and a driving 2-step garage beat. Beautifully understated, “Reclaim Me” proves that dance music can be at once sentimental and dance floor focused.

Wax Wings draws just as much inspiration from the likes of Nine Inch Nails as he does from frequent collaborator Maya Jane Coles. A The Weird & The Wonderful label mate, Coles played an early role in his career. She’s not only enlisted him as an official opener for her DJ sets, but also frequently joins him in the studio. Wax Wings isn’t just a musician; he also stamps his eclectic style across the worlds of fashion, photography, and graffiti.

NIMMO was formerly a five-person band, yet they really have begun to find their groove as a duo. Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett are childhood friends who have become icons in the London queer community. They celebrate the work of other artists in the London scene through collaborations from filmmakers to DJs. Not only have they struck upon a sound that highlights the power of their collective voices – they’ve also helped uplift other queer female artists ho share their creative vision.

Image credit: Roxy Lee

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