Nuances de Nuit, Vol. 5 Boasts Vibrant Selections from Karaba, Thyone Girls, and more

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“Pour les Danseurs” (“for the dancers” in English) is the slogan of London’s Nuances de Nuit imprint. It’s a very fitting motto, as the label has made its mark putting forth some irresistibly groovy house numbers like T. Jacques‘ techy “Context” and the breakbeat-infused “Legwork” from Huerta. Now, the fifth edition of the label’s eponymous series has arrived, and it’s packing four more dance floor delights to capitalize on that motto.

On the A-side, Mehlor and Le Louche deliver a big nod to the traditional house sound with “Chromium.” Mirroring that track’s energy is “More Pumpin (Ode To Joy Instrumental)” from Thyone Girls. It’s a stabby house stomper that doesn’t hold back with a memorable bass line best suited for peak time at an Ibiza beach party.

The flip side takes things a bit deeper, as Local Dub‘s entrancing “Moon Dog” impresses with its acid-tinged synths and spacey chord play. To round things out, Karaba returns to serve up steamy, tech-ridden melodies that bounce nicely off of the syncopation in the hi-hats and snares in “Hors Piste,” closing out Nuances de Nuit, Vol. 5 in impeccable fashion.

With Vol. 5, Nuances de Nuit have set a high bar for London dance music, and they continue to develop a roster of artists that suit the imprint’s vibrant personality while expanding on an already dialed-in sound. No coincidence here: Nuances de Nuit is indisputably for the dancers.

Nuances de Nuit, Vol. 5 is available for pre-order on vinyl through subwax bcn via


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