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Floorplan and Ron Trent to Perform at The Advent and Dave Bate’s New Virtual Techno Club


Following the lead of the virtual Club QuarantäneThe Advent and Dave Bate have created a new virtual techno club, simply and aptly titled techno-club.net.

In the wake of ongoing live club closures and event postponements amid COVID-19, promoters and organizers have been searching for alternative methods of bringing music to the masses. The foremost of these alternatives is, of course, live streaming. Many festivals and concert tours have taken this approach, thus far the most favored way to tide rabid fans over during the long period of quarantine.

Dave Bate and The Advent, however, are taking the experience a step further. Deriving inspiration from the Club Quarantäne experience, the team has conceptualized and brought to life their very own virtual nightclub.

techno-club.net will feature father/daughter DJ duo FloorplanRon Trent, Lady CC, and Tony Humphries for its first broadcast event. Across ten dedicated and color-coded virtual “rooms,” Detroit Techno MilitiaHiroko Yamamura, and Kerrie will also perform. Their sets will be live streamed around the clock from Friday, September 25th to Sunday, September 27th.

In addition to the live performances, the virtual club will offer users an interactive live chat and competitions. The club can be “entered” via a pay-per-minute system. Price tiers range from €5 for 300 minutes of viewing, €10 for 600 minutes, and €20 for 1200 mins. Those minutes can be saved and used to watch recordings of each stream that will be available for seven days after the initial broadcast, so there’s no need to worry about catching the entire event in one sitting.

The launch of techno-club.net is only the first installment in the series, with more planned for the future. On the following weekend, Dave Bate will perform, The Advent will play an electro set and a techno set, and Jack DeMarseille and Andres Gil are also slated to perform.

There are no more scheduled events on techno-club.net’s official website, but they’re likely to be announced in the weeks to follow.

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