Yan Cook’s Inferno EP Offers a Case Study in Sonic Textures

by | Sep 4, 2020 | Minimal Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Yan Cook‘s inventive approach to minimal techno sound design is on full display in the Inferno EP. The effort comprised of five cerebral cuts arrived by way of Rotterdam, Netherlands record label Planet Rhythm on vinyl August 21st with digital format to follow on September 7th.

“Order” ushers in the EP with grating, metallic sound effects and suspenseful atmospheres before the buzzing high-end sonics of “Worm.” The title track is the arguable standout of the effort for its reverb-heavy lead synth and purposeful progression. “Lucid” and “Cosmonaut” offer similarly diverse manifestations of the Yan Cook sound; the latter track is available exclusively in digital format.

Yan Cook was born in Kiev, Ukraine and was exposed to techno as a teenager. In addition to releases the likes of Delsin RecordsSOMA and ARTS, he releases music via his own label, Cooked Records.

The Inferno EP is available on vinyl via deejay.deDecks Records and Juno Records and will be available in digital format via Bandcamp.

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