Telum to Release 6th Anonymous Minimal House Record

by | Aug 12, 2020 | House, Minimal House, Sounds | 0 comments

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Telum have put the music above all else since their debut release in 2018, and the fruits of their labor speak for themselves. As with the records preceding it, no artist names or song titles have been provided for the three minimal house singles comprising TELUM006. It releases September 30th, 2020.

Initially premiered via Trommel, track A1 of TELUM006 stands out for its crisp sonics and pleasantly meandering piano melody. The two songs on the flip side encapsulate a more melodic tangent of the sound. Despite being anonymous, the record has garnered the support of artists like CosmjnPriku, ArapuMihai PolPetre InspirescuRaresh, and others.

Telum is the brainchild of London DJ and producer Lee Clement. A vinyl-only label, its releases consistently sell out and top various Juno Records DJ charts. In June, the label also announced plans to launch a sub label called AURUM.

Order information for TELUM006 can be found via

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