Fast Forward Productions Release 2nd TransAktion Benefit Compilation

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Showcasing a broad range of the Copenhagen fast techno spectrum is a fundraiser compilation by Fast Forward Productions. Comprising 10 tracks, Fast Forward Fundraiser Compilation 2 is a benefit for trans advocacy organization TransAktion. It released July 30th, 2020.

From trance-reminiscent cuts like “Die Anyway” by Ezy to such sterile soundscapes as “Changeable As In Liquid” by Peachlyfe. “Den Lange” by Sugar and Schacke – the arguable standout of the lot – leans toward the latter style. Crisp sonics and otherworldly atmospheres give the track high marks for originality.

For the Cause

100% of the proceeds from Fast Forward Fundraiser Compilation 2 will be donated to TransAktion, who are also based in Denmark. The organization follow “a depathologizing, devictimizing, norm-critical and intersectional approach and with a broad and inclusive definition of trans,” according to their statement. Recently, they have raised awareness of how COVID-19 lockdowns have put trans-specific healthcare resources out of reach.

The first installment of the compilation came out in September of 2019 as a benefit for Together We Push. The organization advocated on behalf of Muslim refugees detained in incarceration camps on account of “racist and xenophobic legislation” implemented by Danish politician Rasmus Paludan.

Purchase Fast Forward Fundraiser Compilation 2 in digital format via Shopify and find the full tracklist below.

  1. “Dont Hurry, Be Snappy” – Sugar
  2. “Flash” – Funeral Future
  3. “Die Anyway” – Ezy
  4. “Changeable As In Liquid” – Peachlyfe
  5. “Little Star” – Repro
  6. “Den Lange” – Schacke & Sugar
  7. “Samodiva” – Vixen
  8. “Temple Of Ignorance” – Schacke
  9. “Gleaming Apparition” – Repro & Sugar
  10. “Shatter The Perfect Design” – Rune Bagge

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