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London’s E1 Seeks Public Support After Outdoor Area License Contested


As many nightclubs and venues worldwide struggle to keep afloat in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, London nightclub E1 is seeking public support for its appeal to keep its new outdoor area, Site 5, open for business, after its license was contested.

The venue claims that operation of the outdoor area will be crucial for E1’s survival as a club amid the financial hardships that many similar nightlife establishments have faced in the fallout of the pandemic. E1 argues that continuing operations at Site 5 will have a crucial economic and cultural impact for its local area as well.

Since Site 5’s initial opening in early July, it has remained in line with social distancing guidelines and safety procedures. It operates with distanced seating and bars for those looking to enjoy live music in an outdoor space. After two people contested the opening, however, E1’s license application for Site 5 is now at risk, and the space may now face a shutdown at the end of August.

In the club’s official statement, it asks the public to support the Site 5 license, claiming that remaining open is essential, “not only to support our team employed on a full-time basis, (as furlough comes to an end), but also to help bring employment support to those who work on a freelance basis for us – our bar staff family, suppliers and beyond.”

With the risk of the closure of Site 5, and the consequential jeopardy of the survival of E1 as a whole, the club’s ownership is seeking help from the public. They’re asking supporters to email the club at to share their stance on why keeping Site 5 operational will be vital for the organization, its staff, suppliers, and the local area in general.

“We need your help TODAY,” the statement continues. “It will mean everything to us, our staff and the clubbers who find sanctuary in music, alongside many like-minded people who care deeply about our scene.”

“There may soon be no Site 5, no jobs for our staff and further down the line, we may no longer have E1,” the statement says. “Nothing is certain.”

For more information on how to get involved, read E1’s full official statement at this link.

Image credit: Haydon Perrior


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