DMX Krew Debuts on Club Vision Records with Panic Stations EP - Selector

DMX Krew Debuts on Club Vision Records with Panic Stations EP


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DMX Krew has brought his retro-focused brand of electronic music to Club Vision Records, an offshoot of Italian event brand Club Vision Cuneo. The Panic Station EP comprises four intentionally anachronistic singles. It released June 8th, 2020.

Produced using analogue synthesizers of a bygone era, the EP traverses soundscapes bordering on techno, minimal, deep and acid house. The title track offers up a dance floor-friendly iteration of the DMX Krew sound, followed by a more contemplative journey in “Going Back.” On the flip side, “Alkane” and “Last Year’s Model” are respectively the highest and lowest-tempo tracks of the bunch.

DMX Krew is but one artist project of London DJ and producer Ed Upton. Boasting a career dating back to the early ’90s, he has also released under monikers like Asylum Seekers, 101 Force and Ed DMX.

Perhaps most notably, Upton’s first release as DMX Krew was Sound of the Street, which arrived by way of Aphex Twin‘s Rephlex in 1996. He would go on to release five more albums on the same record label.

Purchase the Panic Stations EP in vinyl format via Subwax.

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