SoundCloud Enlists Dolby for Native Mastering Service

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Streaming, Tech | 0 comments

Creators who upload their pre-masters to SoundCloud can now polish their audio before sharing it around. The music streaming platform has partnered with Dolby to offer users a mastering service integrated into their website.

“Mastering on SoundCloud” costs $4.99 per track for regular users. SoundCloud Pro subscribers can enjoy three complimentary masters each month, with each additional one costing $3.99. Mastering software developed by Dolby allows the user to put the finishing touches on their music without so much as opening another browser tab.

“Dolby’s mastering technology doesn’t just analyze your track, it critically listens to your music similar to the way an engineer would – identifying the details, the sections, and musical transitions that give your song its unique story arc,” reads a SoundCloud blog post. “Using the mastering profiles of your choice, this detailed “sonic map” is then used to sculpt the tone and overall dynamic profile of your mix while prioritizing your creative intent.”

Since Kerry Trainor came onboard as CEO in 2017, SoundCloud has made significant strides towards solvency with gear and software integrations. The company announced partnerships with manufacturers like Pioneer DJ and Serato allowing DJs to stream tracks directly to their decks during performances towards the end of 2018. In April of 2020, they unveiled a marketing and distribution platform called Repost.

Find more information on the official page for Mastering on Soundcloud.

Image credit: Drew Patrick

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