DJ Soch Debuts on Lobster Theremin Imprint Distant Hawaii with The Power Of Poetry EP

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Finding a home on Lobster Theremin‘s Distant Hawaii imprint is the latest release by DJ Soch. The Italian DJ and producer painted in sublime shades of deep house to deliver The Power Of Poetry EP. It released July 3rd, 2020.

A common thread tying together each of the singles comprising the EP is ambient synths reminiscent of classic Chicago deep house. The instrumental title track introduces these elements before “Underground Night” builds upon them with soulful piano chords.

“Peter Pan” raises the tempo for an upbeat iteration of the DJ Soch sound, and “Round The World,” the arguable standout of the effort, incorporates saxophone samples and a vocal refrain. Closing out The Power Of Poetry EP is “Magic Flute,” the most vocal-driven track of the lot.

About DJ Soch

DJ Soch (real name Marco Socci) has been involved with DJ and remix culture since the ’80s. He first dabbled in funk, rap and hip-house before honing in on the house and techno spectrum that continues to be his lane through the present day.

In 2014, Socci launched a label called Black Angus Records (BLKA) and inaugurated it with a 12-inch track record titled Kick Tom & Hi-Hat Vol. 1. He is also a resident of Italian nightclub Serendipity.

Purchase The Power Of Poetry EP in digital and vinyl formats via Bandcamp.

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