Beatport Sweetens the Deal for LINK Subscribers with Price Drop and Full Playback

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Industry, Stories | 0 comments

Over a year has passed since Beatport debuted Beatport LINK, a service allowing tracks to be streamed directly to DJ gear from the download store’s catalogue. Now subscribers can listen to the full audio of each song as they browse in addition to a reduction of price for the two highest service tiers.

Whereas previously users could only preview a two-minute segment of each track, LINK subscribers are now afforded “front-to-back listening without any interruptions.” As for the price cuts, PRO and PRO+ tiers have been lowered from $39.99-29.99 and $59.99-44.99, respectively.

“Being able to stream entire playlists and our Top Genre Charts with a single click will drastically improve the overall workflow of crate digging on Beatport,” said Senior Vice President Romain Pouillon in a statement. “This is one more step towards the holistic vision we have for LINK moving into the future.”

Founded in 2004, Beatport disrupted an emerging market for electronic music in digital formats as the advent of CDJs led DJs to abandon vinyl. EDM conglomerate SFX Entertainment acquired the company in 2013 before declaring chapter 11 bankruptcy and rebranding to LiveStyle a few years later. In the time since, the online marketplace’s curators have redoubled their focus on house and techno to reflect the tastes of their most dedicated consumers.

Find additional information on the dedicated page for Beatport LINK.

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